Fred McKnight

Position: Head of Mitigation

Professional Experience / Yrs. in construction or Restoration Work: 17 Yrs. in Restoration & Construction. Fred started in this industry when the retail sales company that he was working for closed their doors and filed for chapter 11. He never knew what restoration was until his very first day on the job, he was just a helper at the time, doing all the grunt work such as running debris and getting tools for the foreman who was running the project. Originally this position was just a stop gap for him until he could find something else. Over time, he began to fall in love with this type of work. The aspect he loved the most was the ability to help others, and to make a long lasting impression on them. Feeling good about the work he was doing made the decision easy for Fred to make this his career. Fred came to True Restorations from another well respected competitor, with his large amount of field experience & his mastery of the Xactimate Insurance estimating system made him an easy choice to head up our Mitigation Division.

Industry Certifications: IICRC Water, NYS Mold Remediation, IICRC Applied Structural Drying, NY State Independent Adjuster License

Personal Interestes/Hobbies: My Family, Jets fan, Kickboxing, Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, gaming, Photography, Helping others in their time of need and making a long-lasting impression in their lives. My work philosophies : “Live through your clients”, “Treat their home like it’s your mothers”, “Their home is Their castle”, “knowledge is Power”, “Be a sponge”, “Be a chameleon”, “Adapt to the situation”, “Walk in a client’s home with a smile even when you’re having a bad day. Trust me their day is worse”, “We are meeting clients at their worst so let’s make it their best”.

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