Fire Damage Long Island NY

True Restorations is a leader among the fire restoration companies in Long Island, New York – in both Suffolk and Nassau County, specializing in both residential and commercial full-service fire cleanup & complete fire repairs. With our “One Call does it all” motto you’re sure to get a speedy and COMPLETE fire damage restoration job. From the most critical time after a fire is put out, our team of restoration experts will get straight to work as both your fire damage clean up contractor & fire repair contractor. True Restoration will help you get back on your feet in no time.

Just because the fire is out, it doesn’t make it safe. Damage done to the structure may cause it to collapse anytime and soot, dust, and smoke are dangerous when inhaled. Also, the water used to put out the flames contains toxic substances. Surfaces can be slippery and risky to step on, without the proper training or proper PPE (personal protective equipment), it is not advisable to go into any fire or smoke damaged structure.

Seeing your belongings burn before your eyes can be gut-wrenching, attempting to salvage or clean smoke damaged clothing & textiles or clean soot or clean smoke damaged furniture is even worse. The good news is you don’t need to do any of this, True Restorations coordinates the safeguarding, cleaning & storage of all salvageable contents during the entire fire damage clean up & repair portion of the project. Once the repairs have been made, we will return all the stored, safeguarded contents and re-stage them back into your beautifully restored home or building.

Mitigation Process

  • Establish a written contract for our services provided, True Restorations will contact your insurance company on your behalf to ensure you are receiving the necessary coverage.
  • Restoration experts will be available immediately to inspect the damage and begin the restoration process.
  • True Restorations will coordinate the removing and store of all your valuable items to a safe location
  • True Restorations will begin to remove the damaged structure and non-salvageable items as well as the remaining water left behind. True Restorations will utilize dehumidifiers and air movers to complete the drying process.
Fire Damage Restorations Long Island NY
fire damage home long island ny

Repair Process

  • We will provide a fully detailed estimate of repairs (including all labor & materials) as well as a payment schedule for all necessary repairs and any optional upgrades
  • Once approved, we will start work and provide you with a calendar of the repair so that you know when to expect our workers. We will only collect monies as repair landmarks are met (as per the contract)
  • We will provide you with all job documents (contracts, payment invoices, selection sheets, etc.) all of which will be uploaded to the cloud and accessible via Citrix Sharefile 24/7 from any laptop, tablet or mobile device. Hard copies are available if requested
  • We will share our estimate with your insurance adjuster & negotiate on your behalf so that your insurance payout is maximized and accurate.
  • We will ask for a certificate of completion & satisfaction to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and share this document with your insurance provider.

Fire Damage Removal, Clean up & Complete Repairs

With the help of True Restorations, An experienced IICRC team member trained for smoke and fire restoration services will be on site immediately to assist with emergency board ups & safeguarding of the premises, contents pack out & contents cleaning, insurance claim processing, smoke & soot cleaning, air filtering and deodorizing of lingering smoke, de-humification & structure cleaning, fire repairs insurance estimating & complete fire repairs.

We will work closely with the insurance adjusters and share a Xactimate estimate (a detailed insurance estimate) for all necessary repairs of the structures exterior & interior finishes. Once finalized, True Restorations will perform all necessary repairs for the agreed final insurance payout, eliminating virtually all “out of pocket” expenses for our clients.

Do’s & Dont’s After a Fire – By Fire Damage Restoration Companies on Long Island NY:

  • DON’T- assume, be extremely careful when entering your home/business, as the fire may have caused structural load bearing members to be compromised, floors may have a spongy feeling when walking on them, this may be an indication that it is not as safe as it once was.
  • DON’T- attempt to use any electrical devices until you have consulted with a True Restoration professional, wires may have become wet and damaged.
  • DON’T- attempt to clean any wall surfaces, garments, upholstery, carpets and appliances without consulting a True Restoration Professional. Improper cleaning techniques may cause further damage.
  • DO- ensure the electricity is shut down to the building or isolate the affected areas.
  • DO- ensure that your most valuable possessions are accounted for and removed to a safe location.
  • DO- empty you refrigerator, freezer and cabinets of all perishable items.

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After Fire Damage Repair