Mold Damage Long Island NY

Why True Restorations?

We are experienced Contractors who specialize in “complete mold damage projects on Long Island”. Most, if not all, mitigation companies only provide mitigation services (remediation) and then leave. This will leave you to experience long delays in scheduling repairs and will have to deal with contractors who don’t have experience in dealing & negotiating with insurance companies

We utilize the Xactimate estimating program, this is the industry standard program used by most, if not all insurance providers. By using this program it allows us to communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf

Our communication & managerial systems and attention to detail are tops in the industry!!!


  • Condition 1- A normal indoor living environment
  • Condition 2- An indoor environment that is contaminated with settled mold spores and fragments. An area located near active mold growth but not affected with active mold itself
  • Condition 3- An indoor environment contaminated with visible or active mold growth
mold damage long island ny
Do’s & Dont’s of Mold Removal in Long Island NY:
  • Do remove yourself, other family members, and pets from the  house
  • Do take physical precautions so as not to inhale possible contaminates
  • Do immediately turn off any forced air heating or cooling system in the home/building
  • Don’t touch any affected material or material in the vicinity of an affected area
  • Don’t go from an affected area to a clean area
  • Don’t take any items from the house/building without the item being approved by a True Tech or CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist)
  • Don’t go into the containment room if you’re not a qualified technician
Mitigation Process
  • Identifying the source of moisture
  • Stopping the source of moisture
  • Setting up containment
  • Establish negative air
  • Assess contents that can be remediated vs. discarded
  • Extract remaining sewage
  • Remove contaminated building materials
  • Drying the affected areas
  • Cleaning all surfaces
  • Conduct post remediation evaluation
Repair Process
  • We will provide a fully detailed estimate of repairs (including all labor & materials) as well as a payment schedule for all necessary repairs and any optional upgrades
  • Once approved, we will start work and provide you with a calendar of the repair so that you know when to expect our workers. We will only collect monies as repair landmarks are met (as per the contract)
  • We will provide you with all job documents (contracts, payment invoices, selection sheets, etc.) all of which will be uploaded to the cloud and accessible via Citrix Sharefile 24/7 from any laptop, tablet or mobile device. Hard copies are available, if requested
  • We will share our estimate with your insurance adjuster & negotiate on your behalf so that your insurance payout is maximized and accurate.We will ask for a certificate of completion & satisfaction to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and share this document with your insurance provider.
  • We will ask for a certificate of completion & satisfaction to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and share this document with your insurance provider.
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mold remdiation long island ny