True Restorations, a mold remediation company in Long Island, NY, specializes in complete mold removal and mold damage restoration. NYS law on mold states that a mold testing company cannot be the same company that performs the mold removal. True Restorations is an NYS licensed & certified mold remediation company consisting of licensed mold removal technicians and licensed mold removal supervisors.


When dangerous levels of mold are detected by a licensed mold inspector, the testing company prepares a mold remediation plan to safely remove the detected mold. We at True Restorations will make sure that NYS guidelines for safe mold removal are strictly adhered to, not following the guidelines could cause harmful mold spores to be spread to all areas of a dwelling.

Mold abatement is not a project that should be started or attempted by anyone other than a mold removal specialist. Our “One Call Does it All” motto ensures that you not only get the mold remediation completed, you also get complete “turn-key” repairs of all ripped out interior finishes. True Restorations, makes sure that your home or workplace is mold free from top to bottom. At the same time, if your insurance provider states that there is coverage for mold remediation, we provide a free mold Xactimate insurance estimate to your insurance company & seek approvals and payments for all necessary mold remediation, which could eliminate out of pocket expenses.

Mold Damage In Long Island NY


Once we arrive at your location we will work on identifying sources of moisture & water infiltration. Mold needs moisture to grow, this condition will need to be corrected to prevent further growth or the reoccurrence of mold growth in the affected area.

After the moisture source has been rectified, we will set up containment of the affected areas to ensure that mold spores cannot escape during the mold remediation process. This is achieved by creating a negative air environment utilizing specialized high capacity air scrubbers.

All affected sections will then be dried off completely and all surfaces will be cleaned, scrubbed & HEPA vacuumed free of remnant mold spores. The work area, a.k.a “hot zone” will have the air scrubbed for an additional 3 days after remediation is complete to ensure all airborne spores have been removed. Upon completion of the remediation & air scrubbing, a mold testing company would retest the air & surfaces to confirm that the mold has been completely eradicated, this approval would complete the mold remediation process.


True Restoration Experts will discuss costs and details for repairing all demolished interior & exterior finishes with you, if your insurance company is covering all repairs, we will work closely with the adjuster to come to an agreed repair payout. Assuming an agreement has been met, we will perform all necessary repairs for the agreed repair payout total. Upon completion of the whole mold damage restoration, our True Restorations team will request a certificate of completion & satisfaction to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction have been met.

Our clients love our “One Call Does it All” approach to remediating & repairing a mold infested structures with just one call to True Restorations.

Do’s & Dont’s of Mold Removal in Long Island NY:

  • Do remove yourself, other family members, and pets from the  house
  • Do take physical precautions so as not to inhale possible contaminates
  • Do immediately turn off any forced air heating or cooling system in the home/building
  • Don’t touch any affected material or material in the vicinity of an affected area
  • Don’t go from an affected area to a clean area
  • Don’t take any items from the house/building without the item being approved by a True Tech or CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist)
  • Don’t go into the containment room if you’re not a qualified technician

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