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handyman service long islandFor single family dwellings or multi-unit dwellings or apartments, True Restorations provides Handyman type services, including, but not limited to:

  • Curtain & Window blind hanging
  • Spackling, painting & finishing
  • All phases of carpentry (moldings, paneling, flooring, shelving)
  • Picture hanging & much more
  • We do not perform appliance repair or servicing

Special Discounts Available:to do list

If you reside in a multi-unit dwelling (apartment complex, condominium or Co-op) and you can help Us coordinate a “handyman week” with you management company at your complex, we can offer group discounts to you and your other fellow owners / renters.  If interested, please call us to coordinate.  


We offer flexible pricing for projects. You can select between a time & material pricing schedule (billed at an hourly rate) or “by the job” lump sum pricing for projects. **note: hourly pricing includes time to gather materials. If you can gather materials for the project you would save $$$.


Pricing Schedule
Item Price
Minimum Charge per visit $ 150
Per man hour labor rate (time & material) $ 70/hr
Hang Blinds $ 35 ea.
Hang Pictures (sm) $ 15 ea
Hang Pictures (lg) $ 30 ea.
Replace switch $ 40 ea
Replace outlet covers $ 15 ea.
Install shower head (labor only) $ 75 ea.

**pricing is not applicable for all situations and conditions, final pricing will be determined on site

Why True Restorations?

True Restorations is a licensed General Contracting in Nassau & Suffolk Counties. We carry general liability coverage of 1 million / 2 million, we have workers compensation insurance, disability insurance covering all our workers and commercial auto insurance for all of our vehicles.  We bring the same level of dedication and oversite to handyman work that we do with our larger projects.     

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