Water Damage Long Island NY

True Restorations and Construction is dedicated to complete damage restoration, de-humidification, odor treatment & repairs of water-related emergencies. Our services are top of the line, and we have worked in several areas specifically, in Suffolk County, Nassau County in Long Island New York. Everyone on the team are restoration experts dedicated to providing the best services to our customers. Our motto is “One Call Does it All”

Water damage occurs in residential homes and commercial establishments when excess water begins to flood in areas where it shouldn’t. Certain factors include burst or leaking pipes defective, leaking hot water & boilers, systems leaking or overflowing HVACs (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning units) wind-driven rain-related problems and other weather-related issues, and many more.

How Do We Take Action?

Contact True Restorations and we’ll be on site within an hour often sooner. Upon arrival, we’ll immediately make sure that the source of the water is stopped, decelerated, or neutralized, we will assist with the starting an insurance claim.

We then share a fully detailed insurance estimate with the insurance adjuster and perform all necessary repairs for the agreed final insurance payout.

Water Removal & Cleanup

We understand how water damage could extensively affect your establishment or household, so we want to find smart options to get the problem under control. Burst pipes will be repaired or replaced and water mitigation & restoration services will commence immediately for water cleanup and removal, the True Restorations team will water extraction of any stagnant water & expose all wet surfaces. Next, a complete assessment of water damage will be made using specialized moisture meters, we’ll map out and annotate moisture analysis of all affected areas as well as secure a “dry standard” for your home/establishment and work with an insurance adjuster on an approved scope of work.

Our team will set up air movers, dehumidifiers & control areas as mandated under IICRC guidelines – measure, monitor and adjust the equipment during the dry down process with daily readings to ensure progress. Once the dry down is within IICRC standard limits, we will apply a biocide spray (mold inhibitor) to all exposed surfaces.

Water Mitigation Process

This process is required as soon as possible to lessen the extent of additional damages. If mitigation & restoration is improperly done or incomplete, a mold condition can be created & hidden from view. This could cost our clients a lot of additional expense and potential dangerous health effects.

When all the necessary mitigation & restoration services are complete, we will ask for a certificate of completion & satisfaction to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction are achieved by our staff. We will then directly share dry down results with your insurance company and invoice them straightaway for direct payment for all services rendered.

Water Damage Restoration Long Island NY
During Water Damage Restorations


Unlike the large “mitigation only” restoration franchises who don’t perform the repairs of ripped out, damaged finishing’s, True Restorations will repair your home or business to pre-loss condition…complete! We guarantee you, that all the necessary points in the operations are professionally managed to completion because we know as ordinary people, how miserable it is when expectations aren’t met.

Do’s & Don’t’s:

Things you should do if you experience a water leak

  • Eliminate the water source (if possible)
  • Turn off electric circuit breaker (if possible & safe to do so)
  • Protect carpets & rugs from staining by putting foil or plastic beneath furniture legs
  • Hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts
  • Remove & store breakables & valuables
  • Be cautious of slipping hazards
  • Contact EMS if you have any health concerns

Things you SHOULDN’T do if you experience a water leak

  • Don’t use a household vacuum to suck up water
  • Don’t use newspapers on wet surfaces
  • Don’t walk across wet surfaces more than necessary
  • Don’t activate the HVAC system or adjust indoor temperature to increase drying
  • Don’t enter an area with standing water
  • Don’t consume any food or use any hygiene items from an affected area (especially if a Cat 2/3 area)
  • Don’t use any home fans to dry any surfaces

Don’t Waste Time, Contact Us At 631-757-0212 for prompt, immediate, professional water damage restoration services.

We Also Provide Emergency Service For Fire, Storm & Wind, Mold Damage Caused To Private & Commercial Property With Complete Insurance Claim Supervision.

After Water Damage Restorations