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Frozen Pipes, What to Do

Frozen Pipes, What to Do

Winter is coming, and when temperatures drop below 32 degrees your pipes can freeze and even burst. When this happens, it can potentially lead to significant water damage to your home. Water floods at an alarming rate of 4-8 gallons of water an hour. What starts as a small leak can quickly escalate to a full emergency. Especial vulnerable areas are exterior walls, crawl spaces, and attics — also, areas exposed to cold flowing air.

Quick tips to prevent frozen pipes:

  • On extremely cold days turn up your thermostat a few degrees
  • Allow warm water to drip from the faucet overnight
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors so warm air can reach under sinks
  • Seal up any holes or gaps where pipes run through the wall floor with caulk or spray insulation

Permanent solutions to consider:

  • Insulation of pipes or areas surrounding pipes (exterior walls, crawlspace, garage, attics)
  • Install electronic heat cables, which are thermostatically controlled and designed to activate when a temperate drop is detected and shut off when the desired warming temperature is met

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