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Water Damage Restoration Wantagh

Water Removal & Restoration

24/7 Water Extraction & Damage Restoration Cleanup

True Restorations specializes in “full service” hassle free water damage cleanup for Nassau & Suffolk counties on Long Island. We will handle every aspect of your water emergency… from the free onsite assessment through claims processing, cleanup & billing directly to your insurance company. If you have any need to safeguard your salvageable contents during the cleanup & rebuild, we can store those items offsite in our climate controlled warehouse & bill out your insurance carrier for the work.

Whether you have a burst pipe or leaking pipe, a defective boiler or hot water heater or water damage from wind driven rain or any other water related emergency, we can handle any size condition and be onsite in less than 1 hour to begin service.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

IICRC Certified Professionals

How we take action:
We understand how water damage could extensively affect your establishment or household, so we want to find smart options to get the problem under control. Upon arrival, we’ll immediately make sure that the source of the water is stopped, decelerated, or neutralized. We handle any type of flood & water damage causes including:

Once we have the source of your water problem under control mitigation & restoration services will commence immediately for water cleanup and removal, the True Restorations team will water extraction of any stagnant water & expose all wet surfaces. Next, a complete assessment of water damage will be made using specialized moisture meters, we’ll map out and annotate moisture analysis of all affected areas as well as secure a “dry standard” for your home/establishment and work with an insurance adjuster on an approved scope of work.

Our team will set up air movers, dehumidifiers & control areas as mandated under IICRC guidelines – measure, monitor and adjust the equipment during the dry down process with daily readings to ensure progress. Once the dry down is within IICRC standard limits, we will apply a biocide spray (mold inhibitor) to all exposed surfaces.

Water Overflow in Bathroom

We work with your insurance company for you.

We will assist with filing an insurance claim. We then share a fully detailed insurance estimate with the insurance adjuster and perform all necessary repairs for the agreed final insurance payout. Working with insurance companies while recovering from water damage is stressful. We can work with your insurance company to settle claims quickly.

Water Mitigation

Saving you additional expenses and potential, dangerous health effects
Water Damaged Wall and Floor with Mold

This process is required as soon as possible to lessen the extent of additional damages. If mitigation & restoration is improperly done or incomplete, a mold condition can be created & hidden from view. This could cost our clients a lot of additional expense and potential dangerous health effects.

When all the necessary mitigation & restoration services are complete, we will ask for a certificate of completion & satisfaction to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction are achieved by our staff. We will then directly share dry down results with your insurance company and invoice them straightaway for direct payment for all services rendered.

Water Damage Restorations

Saving you additional expenses and potential, dangerous health effects

Unlike the large “mitigation only” restoration franchises who don’t perform the repairs of ripped out, damaged finishing’s, True Restorations will repair your home or business to pre-loss condition…complete! We guarantee you, that all the necessary points in the operations are professionally managed to completion because we know as ordinary people, how miserable it is when expectations aren’t met.

Things you should do if you experience a water leak.
Things you SHOULDN’T do if you experience a water leak

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EMS = Emergency mitigation service RCV = recoverable cash value, which would be the total value of the labor & materials needed to repair and/or replace the exact same finished materials (a.k.a. like, kind & quality). ACV = actual cash value. This value is the amount of the initial repair payout, which is typically the RCV less the recoverable depreciation. D&R = detach & reset. This Xactimate entry is used as a labor only entry for salvageable items that need to be removed / salvaged / and reset as a part of the repair process. Example: A vanity is being replaced but the sinktop & faucet would need to be salvaged & reinstalled on the new vanity cabinet. R&R = Remove & replace. This Xactimate entry is used when an item is being entirely demolished & replaced with a new similar item of similar grade & composition. O&P = Overhead & profit. This extra add-on is typically applied to Xactimate repair line item entries to compensate for having to hire a professional contractor to manage & coordinate the repair portion of your project. This multiplier is often left off repair estimates when homeowners try to “go it alone” without the assistance of an industry professional assisting in settling the claim.

Most likely your payout will be the ACV (actual cash value) less the amount of your deductible. Example, the RCV (recoverable cash value) on your repair payout is $10,000 and your ACV (actual cash value) is $8500, $1,500 is withheld and that is the recoverable depreciation. If you have a $1,000 deductible, your initial insurance repair payout will be $7,500. You can also get the $1,500 from your insurance carrier under certain conditions.

Typically, If you can show your insurance carrier receipts for any supplies you paid for directly along with paid invoices to your contractor that add up or more than the RCV value, you would then qualify to get reimbursed the recoverable depreciation…..or…….you may be able to have the carrier release the recoverable depreciation once you have a signed contract with a contractor equal to the RCV.

Your carrier would LOVE for you to do this, as the deck is stacked in their favor if you go that direction. The same rules would apply regarding showing paid receipts totaling the RCV value in order to get the recoverable depreciation, which won’t really be possible if you provide your own labor. Plus, the adjuster will likely not afford you overhead & profit (O&P) which will drastically reduce your payout as you are not a contractor with overhead or profit concerns.

Collections on the EMS portion of your claim, though it takes a lot of time & delays, the carriers will often cut a check directly to True Restorations as a sole payee, which is proper due to the fact that the signed service authorization states those particulars, plus….all the work has been completed. The emergency work is handled this way because the scope of work is unknown and providing an estimate often takes time, additional time typically causes more damage. Your insurance carrier prefers to have the emergency work commence immediately to minimize the damages and is prepared to be billed directly from the restoration contractor. With a signed direction of payment from you (aka: DOP), that document instructs the carrier to pay True Restorations directly for the EMS work. On the repair side we don’t offer credit terms on repair work, we are not a bank or a lending institution. This is mainly due to the insurance carrier’s unwillingness to guarantee unencumbered payments directly to TR as their policy is to put additional parties on the checks (mortgage companies). Your mortgager would have the legal right to the funds if there are delinquencies.

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