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What does it mean to be a True Restorations team member?

  • To be a part of a well-respected, polished, professional, growing recession resilient company
  • To have room for advancement within the company to all levels
  • To collaborate with kind, caring like minded individuals working together for the betterment of all
  • To share in the soul nurturing feeling of helping people in a time of need
  • To know you are investing in yourself and developing skills that translate to every part of your life.

Personal Tools needed to thrive as a member of the True Restorations Team

  • Accountability to your team
  • Thoroughness in everything you do
  • Compassion to our clients & all team members
  • The ability to communicate efficiently & timely
  • To work digitally with computers, smartphones & Apps
  • Management abilities, including: Personal time management, overall project management proficiency, client expectation management.
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True Restorations Mission Statement

To Communicate, Collaborate & deliver caring contracting services to people in need…..If you can live this statement throughout your workday, you will thrive as a part of our team.

Can I join True Restorations with no industry experience? What if I have construction experience?

  • Yes, if a laborer position is open.
  • If you have construction experience, there are more positions available at higher rates of pay. ***Salary dependent on abilities and 2 month assessment.

What are the benefits available to True Restorations employees?

  • EFT paychecks deposited directly into your bank account
  • Profit sharing at every production level position (laborers – managers) if company goals are met by the Production Team.
  • A weekly self-directed disability benefit that can be used as a cash payout benefit or directed to a larger partial self-funded benefit plan.
  • Manager level positions are offered two-week paid vacation as a part of a potential compensation package.
  • 401K program with matched percentage from True Restorations on pre-taxed income, this program takes 1 year of service to be eligible to be enrolled in.
  • Earn commissions on any work or job referrals. ***Re-occurring referral sources can be your commission “cash cow” account if marketing criteria is met.

How can I advance and get a higher rate of pay?

  • The quickest way is to be awesome at your job and to master our system.
  • Each position / rank will have a corresponding low – high payrate for that position. The max rate can be achieved with individual effort and ability to execute our system at high levels of efficiency
  • Advancement: Be clear with True Restorations on what position you’d like to develop into & we will layout a path to get there and monitor your development during our bi-annual reviews.
  • Be an example, a coach / mentor for others in the company that aren’t as advanced or proficient as yourself, those qualities garner higher rates of pay.

We Want You To Succeed, If You Succeed…We All Succeed!!

The Critical Path to Success

Master the TR System and coach others to do the same---Be accountable to the TR Team---protect the relationships of our referral sources.

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