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The Black Mold Gamble 

The Black Mold Gamble 

So you like to gamble, do ya? Sports betting apps, Casinos, the ponies, all reasonable ways to scratch that gambling itch. Gambling on having a dangerous black mold condition in your home or business likely shouldn’t be on your gambling agenda. 

How would someone place a bet on a black mold condition you ask? That’s easy, have an interior water condition in a structure and don’t do a proper water cleanup & dehumidification. When you don’t properly mitigate the moisture trapped in the wood framing members behind the sheetrock or remove the water-soaked sheetrock & insulation you are gambling and taking a huge risk that dangerous, unhealthy black mold won’t grow because of this condition. During spring & summer months when temperatures heat up, this risk is at its highest. 

We find many of our water job clients do not understand the gamble they are taking when they attempt to do a water damage cleanup on their own with an improper approach and inadequate equipment. The biggest mistake these gamblers make is improper dehumidification. Not understanding or appreciating that a high humidity environment coupled with internal heat within the structure is all that is needed to have dangerous black mold growth with 48 hours of a water event. Once the mold starts to grow it will increase rapidly throughout the space affecting not only the finishings & contents but also compromise the air quality with airborne mold spores acting as an extreme inhalation risk. We have had clients call us describing their deteriorated health condition with mold spores showing up in their bloodstream from continued exposure to inhaling airborne mold. These sick people often have lengthy hospital stays and respiratory complications from this bloodborne mold intrusion for a lengthy period. Once this reality sets in the Black Mold Gamble becomes quite the ill-advised bet, now an even more costly mold remediation job will have to be done. The cost of this job is orders of magnitude more costly than the initial water cleanup that wasn’t done properly when the water leak first occurred.

The moral of the story is to gamble for fun, don’t gamble with your health.    

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