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Understanding Smoke Damage

Understanding Smoke Damage

smoke damage
Microscopic smoke particles will penetrate porous surfaces (clothing, blankets, & linens) and seep behind molding or paneling.

Smoke damage isn’t just the visible soot on ceilings & walls, the real damage is the lingering smell that is trapped in nearly every part of a smoke-affected structure. This lingering smoke smell is generated by the smallest of smoke particles invisible to the naked eye. These microscopic particles can & will penetrate all porous surfaces and get behind moldings or paneling and a multitude of other small voids within a structure. Removing & cleaning those surfaces is tricky and should be left to the professionals.

Understanding the composition, travel path & proper cleaning techniques of smoke is what professionally trained smoke damage cleanup companies specialize in. Attempting to provide smoke damage restoration as a layman will exacerbate & frustrate most homeowners. Worst of all, the work attempted by a non-professional (typical homeowner) will need to be duplicated once a professional is brought in to rectify a lingering smoke smell from a poorly executed smoke cleanup job.

Smoke damage cleanup: filtering out smoke particles

The best smoke smell removal companies on Long Island deploy carbon-filtered HEPA air scrubbers to filter the air immediately after a fire or profound smoke condition is noted within a structure. This is the 1st step because they know that microscopic smoke particles will stay airborne for many days after the fire or smoke condition is stopped. Unless these particles are filtered out of the air, they will be breathed in by occupants and will settle down on EVERY surface. They will also be absorbed into textiles (clothes, blankets, towels & linens). Improperly cleaning these items & surfaces may cause these toxic particles to be more deeply embedded into these porous surfaces, locking in that nasty smoke smell indefinitely.

Contact a “full service” restoration contractor

A proper smoke cleanup job will typically involve a massive amount of work utilizing specialized equipment and cleaning techniques. This project will most definitely be covered by a typical homeowner policy. We would highly recommend that your 1st call should be to a “full service” restoration contractor who can assist you in coordinating & executing a proper cleanup executed the right way from the beginning.

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